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Luneta Iron Works

One of the best ways to add value to your home is to increase the curb appeal. Another great way is to increase your home’s security. These can both be done at the same time by adding or installing decorative wrought iron gates to your home and property.

Iron gates add security and safety for you and your family. They can be meant to keep out unwanted quests or to keep kids and pets inside the yard and out of danger. Many people use iron gates at the front of their property as an entrance point with chain link or other types of fence surrounding the property. For added security, an iron gate can open or close on a chain and pulley system operated by a key pad. Only those with the code can enter or leave the premises. This is a very effective method of security and will portray to others that the property is well watched and very well secured.

Increasing your home’s curb appeal is always a good choice because it also means increased value. Adding curb appeal while adding security may sometimes be difficult and almost impossible. Some security measures may work well to keep the property safe but do not do much for the appearance of the property. With the use of a wrought iron gate, adding both security and curb appeal at the same time is achievable. Wrought iron can be very decorative and versatile depending on the design of your home. It can give anywhere from a contemporary look to a mid evil appearance.

Iron gates can be added to doors and windows for extra protection and added appearance. Installing an iron gate over an existing door can be quite easy with the right knowledge and equipment. It makes a bold statement and can completely change the look of the house. The wrought iron gate can last a very long time as long as it is primed and coated properly. Most iron gates that are installed and coated properly will not rot or rust and will last many years. The proper hinges must be used to hold the weight of the iron and a good solid existing structure is also helpful.

Many people have had an iron fence or gate extended all the way around their property for ultimate security and protection. Concrete and iron work very well together to create a solid structure and a very security perimeter for any property. When done properly, it will boost the curb appeal and greatly increase the resale value of the home. For most people, security and curb appeal are the two most important aspects when shopping for a new home.

Wrought iron can also be used for spiral staircases leading to an upper level deck or balcony, deck or patio railings, pool fences, enclosure doorways, or decorative artwork. Wrought iron and iron gates can be very versatile and have many uses with home owners today in dealing with appearance and security issues. Durability, longevity, and appearance all make wrought iron gates well worth the investment.

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